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Não tenho conseguido fazer quase nada de manualidades; o V. está muito malandreco e deu para acordar durante a noite para beber um leitinho o que me deixa de rastos de manhã e durante o resto do dia; o Zeus esteve doente e ainda continua em tratamento  e o F. está a dar comigo em louca com as cartas dos invizimals, coisas de rapaz…  mas de vez em quando deixa as coisas típicas de menino e faz coisas que me derretem o coração Desta vez foi a história, O Mapa dos Sorrisos. Esta é a mais simples e a mais carinhosa que inventou até hoje. Estou muito orgulhosa do meu filhote!

Arts and crafts zero and loads od mother’s work! Awaking in the middle of the night to feed my baby boy turns me into a zombie in the morning and all day long; Zeus, my labrador, is getting better but still under treatment and F. is driving me crazy with the invizimals cards… boys stuff…at least once in a while he forgets about them and sets his mind on something else. This time was a story : The Map of  Smiles. This simple and caring story he imagined, melted my heart right away. I’m very proud of him!


The Map of Smiles


Once upon a time there was a boy named Daniel who found a box in his house.


When Daniel opened the box, he saw a map.


The map was very colourful.


Daniel showed his mother the map that looked like a rainbow.


But the map wasn’t a rainbow, it was a map of smiles and of happy things!


Whenever the family was sad, it simply had to look at the map and feel happy again!


A smile is the best there is!

Um mapa assim devíamos ter todos em casa, não concordam?

A map like this we should all have in our homes, don’t you agree?



One Response to “mamã orgulhosa.proud mommy”

  1. knitnrun4sanity Says:

    Absolutely! If only happiness was that simple! x

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