bola puzzle.amish.puzzle ball


Em Setembro passado The Grange Range publicou um post com uma bola em crochet . Gravida de um menino achei que seria um presente ideal. Comecei logo a fazê-lo mas com tanto a acontecer à minha volta não a terminei antes do nascimento do meu bebé e confesso que nunca mais me lembrei até ontem. Faltava apenas unir as partes, encher com espuma e montar a bola-puzzle. Ei-la aqui composta e já aprovada pelo meu filhote que com 5 meses que iniciou agora a fase de passar objectos de uma mão para a outra 🙂

Last September The Grange Range posted a crochet ball project. At the time I was pregnant of a baby boy and I thought this ball would be perfect for him. I started the project right away, but wasn´t able to finish it before his birth. Yesterday, I ended it; the segments only needed to be assembled and stuffed. So, here it is completely finished and already approved by my 5 month baby who has just started to transfer objects from hand to hand 🙂



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2 Responses to “bola puzzle.amish.puzzle ball”

  1. daniellajoe Says:

    so cute, I know it will become his favorite toy 🙂

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